Saturday, September 10, 2005

main parts of this blog - PLEASE NO MORE SHIPMENTS TO MARKSVILLE, LA (happily retired! thanks to all of YOU!)
i am continually updating/adding addresses and other info to my list below, so please check back there even if you have already -last update MON 11/14 - first ignore all the "official blog" timestamps. 9/24 carriere, ms update is here because i think it is universally applicable to any affected town. as many shelters have disbanded, i've started posting emails and updates from terri in MS and shelly in NOLA below & as of NOV1, from a lady in slidell which is in dire circumstances (read below). thanks to many people who have read this blog, their areas are getting some help - which they still need, esp. as the weather has cooled and many still are in tents or without ANY shelter at all.

I. addresses accepting goods in the affected areas/areas in which the evacuees have been taken in (either i or someone i know has personally verified) - scroll to the next section with GREEN text (the info for gonzales, LA specifically addresses PETS & animals - more info for animals). I have retired a few addresses.

II. other ways to help (added 10/4)

III. misc info such as mail or other carrier service (links to in right column), info (VERY bottom of this page) and general updates on useful info including (hopefully) useful info for MEDICAL personnel and about animals and donating your frequent flier miles for volunteers.

too much info to process and confirm so i'm limiting the scope of this blog, mostly to collecting addresses and shipping info. as i update, i will edit the appropriate text below ie this is NOT in chron order.


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