Wednesday, September 07, 2005

free shipping with $25 purchase or more & 6% rebate from

will ship purchases of $25 or more for free - "You can have it shipped directly to the shelters.
.....if you go to and sign up first, and then enter drugstoredotcom THROUGH THEIR website link, you will get a rebate check for 6% of your purchase."
(a great tip forwarded by a friend) - i don't know if this works, but here are the steps~

step 1: sign-up at
step 2: after you sign-up, you'll see "credit" for $5 (not sure how this works but i don't think it can be spent at drugstore)
step 3: scan down the left side, click "health & beauty" and then click on in the list - you should see a "coupon" for 6% rebate
step4: shop and buy - free shipping for $25 or more and free upgrade with $100 (i think)

in theory, you get 6% rebated to you - not sure where but i think at ebates. full disclosure here: if you sign up using the link above & then purchase something from ebate's drugstore link, myas well as your ebate account will get "$5 credit" - read their "sign up friends" program details - not sure how this works either


i was told fedex/kinko's employees might get 75% off to ship - would be worth asking if someone at the counter would dontate their discount and maybe you can offer to pay the 25%. someone in SF just did and was able to ship to houston (st v de paul i think) OVERNIGHT with the discount.

if anyone else has had success in getting items shipped at a discount, please email me with the info.


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