Saturday, September 10, 2005

main parts of this blog - PLEASE NO MORE SHIPMENTS TO MARKSVILLE, LA (happily retired! thanks to all of YOU!)
i am continually updating/adding addresses and other info to my list below, so please check back there even if you have already -last update MON 11/14 - first ignore all the "official blog" timestamps. 9/24 carriere, ms update is here because i think it is universally applicable to any affected town. as many shelters have disbanded, i've started posting emails and updates from terri in MS and shelly in NOLA below & as of NOV1, from a lady in slidell which is in dire circumstances (read below). thanks to many people who have read this blog, their areas are getting some help - which they still need, esp. as the weather has cooled and many still are in tents or without ANY shelter at all.

I. addresses accepting goods in the affected areas/areas in which the evacuees have been taken in (either i or someone i know has personally verified) - scroll to the next section with GREEN text (the info for gonzales, LA specifically addresses PETS & animals - more info for animals). I have retired a few addresses.

II. other ways to help (added 10/4)

III. misc info such as mail or other carrier service (links to in right column), info (VERY bottom of this page) and general updates on useful info including (hopefully) useful info for MEDICAL personnel and about animals and donating your frequent flier miles for volunteers.

too much info to process and confirm so i'm limiting the scope of this blog, mostly to collecting addresses and shipping info. as i update, i will edit the appropriate text below ie this is NOT in chron order.
via email - have an email to LSU PD to confirm (their contact info is below 9/26) but this makes sense so i am posting here:

the PD of NOLA is in urgent need of Vicks VapoRub, face masks and disposable latex gloves.

Items may be routed via:

KATRINA Relief - for distribution to officers serving in NOLA
c/o LSU Police Department
Department of Public Safety Building
South Stadium Rd
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Phone: 225/578-3231
Administrative Fax: 225/578-0536
Communications Fax: 225/578-3421

if you want to send goods or supplies, read on (roughly broken down by area) - a rep from the LA gov office called me unexpectedly 9/14 in response to my request for confirmation of some info - i confirmed w/ her we are actually helping and not hindering by sending goods to LA & she said all of your donations are appreciated (she did say though NO MORE CLOTHES PLEASE) ~ all of this by forwarding info to people, collecting items, shipping items, etc. let's keep up the good work!

i've collected the following addresses where supplies/goods donations may be shipped (i confirmed USPS, carrier service with the folks or have noted any possible restrictions) - please pass along the info to as many people as possible - there is a link at the bottom of this post for doing this

SHIPMENT INSTRUCTIONSmost places are NOT accepting used CLOTHING any longer - PLEASE DO NOT SEND formal wear, dressy clothing to ANY of the addresses below - this is better left locally (except for kids & larger sizes & NEW UNDERWEAR & NEW SOCKS) so please read the lists and consult with any website link which may be provided: (1) group like items (2) clothes should be DRY or they will MOLD fast if damp (3) new undies/socks (4) clothes should be in state you'd be willing to wear them & clean (5) mark contents on OUTSIDE of box :: UNIVERSALLY REQUESTED ITEMS ARE: new socks, baby items, & personal hygiene items (soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, combs, etc)

11/14 from Connie in Slidell:
As far as progress, things are really slow—too slow! The Mayor stated that it would take at least 6 months to restore electricity to the city. Without electricity, we can not start the rebuilding process, FEMA won’t deliver trailers, our neighborhoods will not repopulate, many families will remain living with 20+ people in one home, some families will continue to use lanterns and grill on their barbecue pits, and sadly some will continue to sleep in their cars, because they have no where else to go, but they must be here for their jobs.

It seems like since the media has left, the city has been forgotten by so many. I talk to so many that complain that the mail is slow coming from New Orleans and I stop and ask, don’t you realize that we’re still trying to recover here. Things are far from normal. The post office, like so many businesses are understaffed. Many restaurants, gas stations, stores, etc. are still not opened for business, because they can’t find workers. Workers won’t return to the city without homes. Thanks to the Habitat for Humanity projects and many others like this. We need many more projects like this!

I can’t begin to think about the holidays, especially the weather changing. I’m concerned about so many people not having electricity, nor the proper clothing, blankets, etc. for the cold weather. You are all so wonderful for thinking about us for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I simply won’t ask for anything else, but I think you have some wonderful ideas and it’s so positive to read this board to see what you are all doing as a community.

I have had some requests for...

  • Queen size bed sheets....apparently many of the FEMA trailers are coming in with Queen size mattresses.

  • Twin size sheets are a big request this last week also.

  • Apparently some of the trailers have arrived with pots and pans and untensils so we are good on those items.

  • Bath towels are also something that everyone seems to need. Wallmart and Sams are running out of bath towels.

Another busy week down here and more stories. It seems that alot of people are getting back down into the St Bernard Parish area and finding their way back over to this side of the lake looking for a place to stay until their insurance companies decide what to do with their homes there. There are so many people just sitting in limbo. Alot of frustration going on down this way.

Helped a church route a truck full of toys and clothing to a needy bunch displaced city employees today. 125 of our city employees had homes that were completely destroyed and the City is trying to house them in order to keep them working. Rebuilding our city is a big #1 on our plate.

from Slidell, LA - finally back Nov 1, TWO MONTHS AFTER katrina - where is FEMA and the RedCross - have people already forgotten? (i will post needs list as i get the info)

So what is it like here today? Not much different than after the storm...trash is piled high in our streets, many in Slidell do not have electricity yet. I have phone service, my neighbor across the street does not, theres no consistency to things. Few businesses are up and running. We have no grocery stores here anymore,just two Super Wallmarts and a Save A Center that weren't to damaged oh...and Sam's. All other Grocery stores are gone. Our entire Olde Town Business District is gone...many will not or can't rebuild. People are living in their homes with striped out walls, mold, trying to bleach the odor away. SLeeping on air mattresses or outside in tents. Many have brought fifth wheel trailers from outside the area as FEMA trailers haven't come in for people here.

Our local Cable provider has only been able to provide service to a few small areas. Most do not have TV Access so what that means is that we can poorly receive one local channel from New Orleans and get little news other than what's here. Our Cable TV just came back on Four days ago.

There are people living in tents along the interstate, behind Wallmart. The Shopping Mall is loaded with RV's and people are staying in those. Many have not been able to come back or have come back and had to leave again.

We can't get many things here. Some have been told that the new refrigerator etc...that they purchased will not actually get to them until after December 1st. Many still have to use ice and are eating MRE's. Several Churches in the area are providing food for those that are unable to provide for themselves some churches are feeding 15,000 hot meals aday. I know that Terri's area is similar as I drove over that way two weeks ago.

The agony is only now beginning here. Our insurance companies are not sending checks...we get no answers from them. They tell you to go ahead and start cleaning up and tearing out, but the financial assistance hasn't been provided. I know of one Major Insurance Company that our Mayor is ready to file a complaint about. Their adjusters haven't even made it to the area yet.

Did you also know that when all this happened our banks were all taken out. The money cassettes were empty in the ATM's. If you had money in the bank it was not accessible for some of us as long as four weeks after the storm. Many banks like mine are now open and operating in their own trailers that have been moved in.

Many people have still not been able to get FEMA to blue tarp their roofs and have gaping holes and trees that still need to be removed.

The garbage is incredible. It's difficult to drive down the street in my subdivision without being attacked by trash, it just keeps piling up. It's not being removed, it stinks, is clogging our drainage ditches, and the flies are unbearable. If another storm comes in or a heavy rain the flooding is a major concern now because the drainage ditches we do have are piled 9 to 10 feet high with trash.

I have woods behind my house and we have had to deal with a wild pig that comes at night.

Here's a nice scenario I should have photographed for of the churches that is a food pickup location received a large part of the 25foot tidal surge. Do you know what comes in with that? FIsh and other things. One had to walk across the church on layers of dead fish with maggots and flies to pick up food. I'll bet they didn't show you that one on TV. The stink is unreal.

But this is our home. We are compelled to fight back and bring it back. It was difficult during the evacuation to leave and even harder to wait to return.

All the monies that you hear are coming our way from Red Cross and FEMA...we haven't seen. In this community we see very little. Operation Blessing has been here from the beginning and is remaining through the recovery they are a group that is making a difference daily here with real help. We appreciate them. Individual City's have sent us truckloads help with the Red Cross didn't. The Marines where here for a few weeks and helped tremendously.

We have a very long way to go.

I sure hope I have depressed all of you. We are trying to keep our own spirits high here so that we can keep moving forward. But I have to be honest it's much worse here than what you are seeing on National news. We have had many people that have come to area and they all remark at how overwhelming it is here. When you actually see it in the full spectrum it's a real heavy impact.

Some have tried to make it appear a lower class race not true...this have affected everyone in our community from poor to rich all have gone to shelters or slept in cars etc. No one was spared. Our Mayor here has completely lost his home, he still sleeps in a shelter. Out of 350 City Employees in SLidell, 125 have homes they can't return to anytime soon.

My son's school was not flooded but two other Jr High's were so children now attend one school in three shifts with much shorter days for each group. They share everything, most of their books were damaged. The school uniform thing has gone out the window, many don't have them now, can't afford to buy them etc. But they go to school. That's a good thing.


  • Dish towels
  • Bath Towels
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Detergent
  • feminine hygiene products including tampons & feminine napkins
  • Shampoo
  • utensils
  • Table and Chairs
  • bath mat's
  • lamps
  • furniture
  • beds
  • dresser
  • double sheet sets
  • gas vouchers (or Walmart gift card)
  • refrigerator
  • mops buckets
  • vacumn cleaner
  • air mattresses
  • any item needed for clean-up (read above paragraph)
Connie Born
102 Athene Drive.
Slidell, LA


My efforts to help out a few families and friends have now grown into so much more. I’m helping more families and now a few schools. I find myself not being able to say no to anyone, because there is such a need and so many people offering to help. I know this post is long, but it’s filled with lots of great stories!

One amazing 13 YEAR OLD girl from a northern Massachusetts school has offered to pioneer an effort to adopt one of our schools and send school supplies, books, etc. We should receive an answer from the local elementary school Monday on the best way we can coordinate this effort. Generosity is coming from such a young age...children wanting to assist other children in need.

A school teacher contacted me from a high school in New York. The students, all 1200 of them, held a benefit and collected a nice sum of money. They decided that they wanted the money to be used to help the babies of the New Orleans area. They purchased baby supplies, baby food, etc. to distribute to families in need. In addition, they also found a volunteer that is going to drive all of the supplies to our area. Way to go New York high school students!

One young, teenage boy, from California sent his entire room, or at least that’s what it looked like, of clothing and it wasn’t just clothing. It was all basketball perfect for the 15 year old boy that spent 3 nights in the Convention Center. He loves and lives basketball. The clothes were perfect from one teenage boy to another. Everything fit - It was so amazing! I can’t describe the look on this child’s face, upon opening the boxes. Many, many thanks to the teenage boy from California!

10/20 update - needs (see below)

10/11 update: more from shelley is also on another page of this blog. shelly is assisting a widow with a 7 mo old baby - so i've added some baby items to the list below

10/5 update: new address added - they only have intermittent cell phone reception (i think, but not positive, she's on a communal line for email)

Shelly Coulon-Fields
9572 Barataria Blvd.
Marrero, LA 70072

Shelly used to live in NOLA & the address above is her temporary home - as of 10/12, her USPS mail is delayed but in theory USPS and UPS are running to the address above.

"We have electricity in our temporary location - it was restored a few days after Hurricane Rita.

I've been working in the French Quarter for the last few days. I'll most likely be there for a the remaining of the week. Boy, the smell is still horrible in the city and it's still very isolated.

All of the people from my list are living in their temporary housing. They all share two bathrooms and two mattresses have been placed in a storage room for others to sleep. It's really tight living quarters, but I have to tell you that everyone is really positive and uplifting."

Immediate needs are:

  • baby items such as baby wipes, baby powder, diapers, etc.
  • Bath/Face Towels
    Kitchen towels
    3 Full size sets of Sheets/Blankets/Pillow cases
    Dry Goods
    Small Kitchen Appliances (someone is already sending her a microwave)
    Alarm Clocks
    Kitchen utensils, dishes, pots, pans, glasses
    Men's & Women's socks
    Men's Dickie's-type work pants (size 32 & 34)
    Men's tops - M, L, XL
    Women's pants - plus sizes: 18, 20, 22; misses: 12 & 14.
    Women's tops - M, L, XL, 1X, 2X.
    Men's pants: 32x34, 33x30, 34x32, 34x34, 38x30
  • "Clothing is still needed for children, and yes we could use the Boys sizes 6 - 8. We have several children in the community who need clothing. The children range from babies to teenagers, both boys and girls"


10/24 update:

Seems like Carriere/Picayune's population more than doubled from 50K to 110K after Katrina. --- Terri is a bit down as the county may be running short of funds to help in cleaning up and many insurance adjusters are deeming homes damaged while FEMA officials are deeming those very same houses unihabitable. meanwhile, terri says it still looks like a war zone in many areas of the coast - her plea: "If any of you know any influential people who might be in a postion to help, send them to me. The landscape will convince them."

After the church group who read this blog (see entry below) arrived at Terri's, Terri's husband took them to areas south of them, closer to the coast. The church group members' – as most people – hear about NOLA mostly and had no idea of the devastation. Their reaction? These people have nothing. Where is all the debris? Did the water really come that many miles inland? What are these poor people going to do?

They visited Lakeshore, MS--stopped to ask if a family needed anything. They asked for water. Teri says: "That is awful! 2 months after the storm, and still water isn't distributed enough to all areas. This disturbed me, being that water was the thing I most needed at one time. The family's car was under water, and not running, so they weren't able to drive to get supplies--still. They were given water, and I will now report the area to the EOC, so they can be supplied regularly." Terri's noticed some people did not have tents or trailers, so she is planning another trip down to take much needed items including her own tents and will ask if blankets are needed as cold weather is coming. Terri says it's already too cool at night to sleep outside without a blanket. . Because there was only limited supplies the church group brought with them, they could only distribute to the people living outside and didn't stop at the trailers.

10/17 update: a tragedy and some issues have touched upon terri & family's life (don't feel it appropriate to post in more detail here) so she was out of touch for a couple of days - will update when i get more info. a trailer is en route to terri. she reports what appears to be mold has grown in rooms/areas where roofs were blown off - not sure if that is why they are having some health issues (fevers, respiratory symptoms, etc)

10/12 update: THANKS to some blog-readers from the church, the " group [is] coming here on Oct. 22. There will be about 20 college students, and a few men who know how to do roofing. They will be here long enough to roof one house, and clean several acres of private yards. They will be able to use the items everybody sent for the "community Tool Chest", and before they get here, we hope to have lots of the trees cut up." terri says about 60% of the town has POWER!!! woo hoo!!!!

10/2 update: another possible contact in waveland after receiving an email last night - i had not realized previouslya relative of one of the members of the equine rescue group which is my primary contact for the animal info posted here had a house in waveland, MS (gone now) - go to link above for email and contact details.

9/29 update: reports of gas shortages and/or price spikes in some of the affected areas.

Katrina Relief for Carriere, MS

c/o Terri Thomas
1467 Caesar Road
Carriere, MS 39426
Phone: 601-749-4671
USPS, FedEx and UPS all operating (updated 9/23)

update 10/4 needs list below -

update 9/24 the tornadoes have stopped in terri's area, looks like the worst of rita is over for her area. today's update on tools needed for the community to share & for a newly arrived retired couple is here

update 9/23 terri was able to dial out for a bit and says "I'm a little bit scared. In times like these, I just count my blessings. You are each and every one my blessings. Thank you all so much for what you have done for me and my community. We are now servicing communities from the debris line on the coast to Lumberton, MS." i think the concern is rita is close on katrina's heels and terri explained tornadoes are byproducts of the passing of "outer bands."

update 10/24 for carriere & surrounds, the family & neighbors need (i will update this daily - all of town info is below):

  • gift cards for home depot
  • Heavy work gloves
  • Neosporin (they are all getting some strange red bumps all over - unexplained)
  • Alcohol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide - (probably any first aid items)
  • Sunscreen
  • Citronella candles
  • hydrocortisone (stop-itch cream)
  • "lovebugs" repellent (i have no idea what these are)
  • Whisk brooms
  • disinfecting cleaners
  • disinfecting household wipes
  • snacks for the kids (call before sending perishables)
  • facial mosturizers
  • acne cleanser pads
  • facial cleansers

update 9/19 - situation has been resolved in vidalia (near DELISLE) terri hooked up her friend with the EOC (emergency something)

update: 9/17 - synopsis (OK, it's long but complete, i had a nice chat with terri to re-confirm needs, etc) - this rural community is 15 north of waveland & adjacent to Carriere and Picayune, MS in Pearl River County, basically a suburb of NOLA. the brunt of the storm was taken by hancock county, about 2 miles away, so many people from there (Bay St. Louis, Waveland, and Pearlington) have migrated - FEMA is now moving about 3000 trailer units from purvis to picayune/carriere to house the folks who migrated and all the kids from hancock will be absorbed into the schools in terri's community. still no relief workers, so this woman is taking it upon herself to distribute anything she received, even to communities nearby - Caesar, Carriere, McNeil, Poplarville, and all the small communities surrounding these "larger" towns. These are all very small towns, one Wal-mart services them all (although depleted of stock) and no relief workers. all the small pockets of people became clear once terri explained to me how the rural areas are sparsely populated and separated they are aggregated to consitute one zipcode.

Although she intended to distribute excess donated goods south into Waveland, Bay St. Louis, and Pearlington, soldiers are turning people away from the area or families in these areas with school age children are being moved to the local community. official word is no further donations are allowed to be distributed to these more southern areas, so terri is distributing to the towns in pearl river county, sometimes with her kids taking items to other kids at school (either displaced or whose families fared less well during the storm).

the vast majority of the population (as of 9/20) still has no electricity & oct 15 given as est. for restoration first along the "main road" (on which terri lives), then for the periphery (nov maybe?). terri has a generator and has been running a "cool" room for elderly or others who can't deal with the heat to sit in for relief. she's also storing meds such as insulin for others in her frig.

~ the town is getting water and ice from the local fire department (not sure where they are getting it from, could be FEMA) but the local water still is not usable including for laundry as it is contaminated. they are OK for clothes (for now).


Shiloh Baptist Church
717 Cleveland Road
Saraland, AL 36571

sent by an acquaintance near the area

list of items needed for kids, teenagers, adults, etc

2. For NON-US post office carriers:
Catholic Social Services
23010 Highway 59 North
Robertsdale, AL 36567

Catholic Social Services
23010 Highway 59 North
P. O. Box 870
Robertsdale, AL 36567

collection center for red cross distribution
i spoke with a volunteer "walt" (person in charge is michelle prockup) who gave me the following info: the addresses below (one for US mail- and the other for non mail carriers such as fedex, ups, dhl, etc) is accepting donations of goods/supplies for distribution by the red cross which is running the shelters. 251-947-2293

the USPS reports the zip's POs have full service and express mail service is now available to the zip

Immediately, they need:

  • Baby items – food, clothing, bottles, etc.
  • kids books
  • toilet paper & other paper products
  • anything for personal hygiene
  • phone cards
  • school supplies
  • new pillows
  • white tennis shoes (read below) walt said many of the displaced kids will be enrolled in school locally, so anything a school child may need is esp. welcome

3. OTHER ALABAMA (see at the bottom in this color text for more info)
general LA -

Spoke with Verdie who is assisting with the baton rouge donation coordination center for the state – located on the 2nd floor of the LA dmv blg. 540-273-6099 – call for delivery address and updated needs. Despite some rumors, BR is OK for food

The state still needs:

  • insect repellant
  • cleaning supplies like bleach
  • garden hoses
  • shovels
  • heavy duty gloves


5597 I-49 South Service Road

Opelousas, LA 70570
Melanie Lee, parish public information officer, at 337-948-3688

update 9/29 - re-confirmed via phone NO CLOTHING - they also are OK on diapers, formula.

they need:

  • diaper & sanitizing wipes,
  • tampons, feminine hygiene products
  • toothbrushes!
  • toothpaste!
  • non-perishable food items

thanks to wm johnson, author of article in local paper on relief efforts, for emailing the address and ms. lee's contact info



Adventist Community Services Warehouse

ATTN: Office Manager
1102 E. Admiral Doyle Drive
New Iberia, LA 70560

10/1 update - needs still same someone spoke with cyndi who said 
adventist expects to supply both 
houston and new orleans for at 
least several months.



they need (priority bolded):
  • gift cards for wal-mart or home depot
  • any cleaning supplies
  • brooms
  • mops
  • buckets
  • mr. clean
  • bleach
  • insect repellent with at least 50% Deet
  • towels
  • blankets
  • linens (pillows & sheets)
  • canned food
  • shovels
  • new socks
  • new underwear

Caring Hands
327 N. Main Street
Jennings, LA 70546

Half-way between NOLA & houston. Call city hall (337) 821-5500 – all donations going through/to group above. CALL FIRST to confirm needs – NO CLOTHES for now – they are swamped with sent clothes –

Items needed:
Personal hygiene (soap, toothbrush, shampoo, etc)
Flip flops
Dispo paper products
Diapers (baby, adult), etc – see any of the lists here – they are all the same pretty much

MARKSVILLE, LA- this address ---- which inspired the creation of this blog -- is retired WOO HOO!! the contact i have there says the OEP (i presume this is office of emergency preparedness) has taken over and are saying outside donations are no longer needed to care for the town's the evacuees ~ THANKS to everyone who sent donations!


i called the baton rouge office of emergency preparedness (?) "OEP" (official BR gov website)

(225) 389-2861 or 389-2863 - a volunteer there was very helpful & said food and other items were in need in certain locations, but to contact individual orgs. the orgs she referred to me to which confirmed their needs and addresses have been added to the list below (other orgs are from other sources).

Salvation Army
7361 Airline Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70805

an acquaintance confirmed via phone they are in need of and accepting shipments of clothing, personal hygeiene items, baby items, etc.

Florida Blvd Baptist Church
10915 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70815

225-272-3740 (call first)
their needs list is at

4th district baptist church
katrina relief supplies
7513 prescott road
baton rouge, LA 70812


9/29 re-confirmed needs - they are distributing to local churches. they need:

  • · adult diapers
  • · baby items (wipes, diapers, formula, etc)
  • · sunscreen
  • · paper supplies (toilet paper, paper plates, plastic forks & spoons)
  • · linens
  • · First Aid supplies
  • · Non-perishable food items
  • · personal hygiene items such as soap, deodorant,
  • · water
  • · non-perishable (canned) food
  • towels
  • sheets (new or gently used)

4. updated 9/18
First Baptist Church
529 Convention Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

225-343-0397 (7 days) or email at

update 9/18 - this org is on temp hold for sending donations (they have taken down their "needs" list from their website -- read on for details >> they are a shelter for families with newborns/babies. they expect to have all the people re-located/back to NO or relatives some time in the first 2 weeks in oct BUT will continue acting as a distribution center for those in need after that time. HOWEVER, for NOW, they currently are understaffed/bulging at the storage seams & have clothes which must be sorted due to your generosity. they re-confirmed the needs below but asked that you CALL BEFORE SENDING ANYTHING:

  • baby items of any kind (diapers, wash rags & soaps & basins, sheets & blankets)
  • · Baby Wipes, etc.
  • · Air Matresses
  • · Sleeping Bags
  • · Blankets/Pillows
  • · Sheets/Towels
  • · Paper Plates/Cups/Napkins
  • · Plastic Forks/Spoons


Baton Rouge, LA 70803

  • DESPERATE NEED FOR: (1) WOMEN'S 3X-4X clothing (2) children's of all ages clothing (3) socks & underwear (new please)


10/2 update: the LAMAR address for animal shelter has been retired but may be re-posted after i hear back from some people.


People who wish to make one combined box containing items for humans, small pets and horses resp any combination of these 3 areas, can mail to our receiving center, and we will sort, rebox and load on one of our outgoing trucks:


America's Foothills Country Store

- Attn Melissa Logan -

Hurricane Relief Co-Ordinator

1810 Highway 14 East

Landrum, SC 29356

(864) 680-6089

[from the blog owner: as with all orgs, monetary donations are taken, please contact them directly - this blog is limited to goods donations]

More to follow as I hear back from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as to additional Shelters.



The Pine View Middle School

1115 West 28th Street Covington, LA.

i confirmed the address above via email with pat tate the contact person for the Mendocino, CA Chapter (#116) of Veterans for Peace - they had a post on craigslist saying they are running a feeding and medical station in a public park. below is an excerpted quote:
We need, immediately, the following:

  • baby supplies (diapers, formula, ointments)
  • low fat powdered milk
  • canned foods
  • fresh fruit
  • gasoline
  • additional generators
  • shelter
  • flash lights
  • portable toilets


MISSISSIPPI (other MS at the bottom of this page in this color text)
Catholic Charities Jackson
North Congress, Suite 100
Jackson, MS 39201

601-355-8634 (sister donna) - mail, carrier service OK (as of 9/8)
9/21 UPDATE: i communicated with rebecca (one of the directors) with the org. PLEASE do NOT send regular clothes as storage and sorting and needs are changing - she says they are working with other orgs in ALL affected states & will update me via email:
they need:

  • water,
  • toilet paper,
  • toiletries,
  • paper towels,
  • cloth towels and wash cloths,
  • baby food,
  • [new] packaged underwear . . .
  • [new] packaged socks,
  • non-perishable foods, etc.
  • first aid supplies
  • cleaning supplies
  • LABEL OUTSIDE of box with contents

Many people are asking to drive trucks to Mississippi filled with supplies. These items will be greatly appreciated. (update 9/8: gas supply is normalized but town accomodations/facilities stretched)


1. st vincent de paul's in houston is accepting donations of supplies (the link below has what is needed) -
~ for their list of needed items (click here)

i just confirmed with monica Lawrence 713 741 8234
THIS is the address to ship or drop-off items to st vincent's de paul (they are distributing for FREE to evacuees who are local, including as a pick-up point for those at the shelters):

St. Vincent de Paul Society
Ozanam Outlet
610 Memory Lane
Houston, TX 77037

PLEASE do not ship to another st. v de paul outlet address in houston - anything sent to any other outlet will have to be trucked by them to the address above and please read teh info in the link above for what they are looking for.

Star of Hope (unconfirmed - you need to call):
will be accepting donations of clothes (including new underwear and diapers) . . . (address at which evacuees will pick up clothing)
Men's Development Center
1811 Ruiz

General Delivery
Houston, TX 77230
personal hygiene, items - the usual litany. but specific request for cell "phone chargers too- old,new it doesn't matter. Put masking tape on bottom with type of phone it charges and send to the above address. Mark outside of box- Phone Charger. "

4. newly added 9/29 links for donating items in texas, from CALL BEFORE SENDING

  • Coast Guard Asks for Donations For Rescuers 713-578-3080 T-shirts, underwear, toilet paper, wipes, soap, first aid kits, bug spray, foot powder, bottled water, sports drinks, coffee, power bars, granola bars, cups of dry soup, sleeping bags and pillows, batteries (D and AA)
  • Houston Food Bank at 3811 Eastex Freeway 713-223-3700 needs paper goods such as plates, cups, diapers and tissue; cleaning supplies such as bleach and Mr. Clean; bottled water (no glass containers); single serving snacks such as Pop Tarts and cereal bars; peanut butter; heat and eat foods such as chili, stew, canned pasta with sauce and canned vegetables; any single serving foods that do not require refrigeration; MRE's (meals that are ready to eat); baby formula; personal hygiene items in a zip-lock bag containing toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, shampoo and wet wipes in a travel pack
  • Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center 713-795-8100 or 888-482-5663 --- PLEASE GIVE BLOOD
  • WIC voucher program for formula, juice, egg and cheese items for children, 713-794-9090 or 800-942-3678
  • Houston SPCA (713) 802-0555 urgently needs pet food, see also Animal Rescue
  • The Refuge Shelter.... We need bunkbeds w/ mattresses. We are going to open this long term shelter but we are in need of bunkbeds, A/C window units and freezers/refrigerators. Please help get The Refuge open.....281-344-7386 Michelle or 281-232-2034 Rosie.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

if you'd like info on CA (mostly No) DROP-OFF LOCATIONS

sun 9/11 update - no current addresses - check back later
ANIMAL SHELTERS needing supplies:

Blackham Coliseum Cajundome Blvd. Lafayette, LA
Ike Hamilton Center (large animals)
501 Mane Street
West Monroe, LA

Monroe Civic Center (small animals)
401 Lea Joyner Memorial Expressway
Monroe, LA

A temporary animal shelter has been set up at the State Fairgrounds in Jackson, MS at the intersection of I-55 and High Street. For more information donators can call 800-252-0923.

Mississippi Animal Rescue League
4395 South Drive
Jackson, MS 39209

They report that they are doing well with hundreds of animals to care for

Needed items: Flea Shampoo, Towels, Dog Shampoo, Adam's Flea Spray, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Laundry Detergent, Clorox, Liquid Hand Soap DO NOT SEND FOOD

St Francis Animal Sanctuary
115 Odeb Magee Road
Tylertown, MS 39667

They report that they are currently caring for 400 dogs and cats. They have a well but no power to pump water.
Needed: vet supplies - NO FOOD

ASPCA: If you are interested in donating goods to disaster-area shelters, please email Be sure to provide as many details as possible about your donation, and a way you can be contacted.

free shipping with $25 purchase or more & 6% rebate from

will ship purchases of $25 or more for free - "You can have it shipped directly to the shelters.
.....if you go to and sign up first, and then enter drugstoredotcom THROUGH THEIR website link, you will get a rebate check for 6% of your purchase."
(a great tip forwarded by a friend) - i don't know if this works, but here are the steps~

step 1: sign-up at
step 2: after you sign-up, you'll see "credit" for $5 (not sure how this works but i don't think it can be spent at drugstore)
step 3: scan down the left side, click "health & beauty" and then click on in the list - you should see a "coupon" for 6% rebate
step4: shop and buy - free shipping for $25 or more and free upgrade with $100 (i think)

in theory, you get 6% rebated to you - not sure where but i think at ebates. full disclosure here: if you sign up using the link above & then purchase something from ebate's drugstore link, myas well as your ebate account will get "$5 credit" - read their "sign up friends" program details - not sure how this works either


i was told fedex/kinko's employees might get 75% off to ship - would be worth asking if someone at the counter would dontate their discount and maybe you can offer to pay the 25%. someone in SF just did and was able to ship to houston (st v de paul i think) OVERNIGHT with the discount.

if anyone else has had success in getting items shipped at a discount, please email me with the info.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

TIPS ON dealing with water post katrina: